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Private American Overseas Day School offering English instruction

School Activities

Student's Family Presentation :

PK teacher and assistant, PK, Students make a poster at home showing their family, take it to school and present to the class who are the members of their family.

Cross-fit for kids :

Mr. Byal, 3-5, using your body and the environment to play and work out

Baking cuñape for SC Day :

PK teacher and assistant, PK, Teacher takes ingredients to school. Whole class helps adding ingredients into bowl and preparing the dough. Teachers bake cuñapes and everybody enjoys them later.

Family Reading Night :

/ Silvana Moscoso and Claudia Tomelich/ PreK-5th grade/ once a month night activity at the library where parents and students participate in theme related activities and read/check out library books

Mandala Coloring :

Mr. Byal, prek-5, come on over and color some mandalas

Star of the Day :

PK teacher and assistant, PK, Students practice new English vocabulary all year to finally be able to present a poster (made at home with parents) showing their name and age, their favorites (color, food, clothes, toys, animals, etc). Next they answer questions and take comments from their classmates.

MS Service club:

56 weeks of fundraising food for guembe, fundraisers for el asilo de ancianos, last year chiquitania support.

Operation Smile:

Advisor/ Claudia Tomelich/ 8th-12th grade/ community service club dedicated to raise money to pay/help in the children’s surgery. Medical Support Program,hospital missions and fundraising.

Field Trip:

 Psychology Mental Health Final Project, 10th. As part of the process for this project, 10th grade students visit UPSA, the Psychology Department. During this visit our students work and consult with the Psychiatrist Dr. Rivera and Psychology Students in regards to their Mental Health topic.

National Honor Society

Melissa Cox, grades 10-12, Freshmentor program and several service initiatives (Animal shelter, Holiday Basket Campaign, etc.).

Cheerleading :

Mrs. Rhonda (I was an occasional assistant), Middle/High school females, all girl squad cheerleading with group and base stunting

Programa manitos :

december cookie painting class and valentine cookie sales. Funds for hand surgeries. Briza Zaconeta President and Nicole Marancenbaum vice president.


Robert Zieger (9-12), fundraising and awareness building on behalf of underprivileged families in the surroundings of Santa Cruz.

Environmental Awareness club :

lead by Mrs Clara Fernandez, the environmental awareness club carries out several activities throughout the school year, such as cleaning challenges, bake sales, and massive recycling campaigns.

Social Studies Department: Humanistic Day.

During this day, a series of talks/presentations are offered to our secondary students. In the past years those were focused on Sexual Education and Alcohol and Drugs Prevention. Recognized professionals and members of the community are invited for this event.

Friendship Games :

MS and High school sport teams

Organizing: The whole school and PE department

Description: The tradition of the Friendship Games can be traced back many years, but its origin is usually forgotten. The first Friendship Games took place in 1980 and were graced by the presence of SCCS, CCS, ACS. (AISB was not established yet). The extraordinary idea of consolidating such an event as the Friendship Games was brought from Pakistan by Mr. Herm Penland of ACS. The sports that were originally played were girls’ and boys’ track and field, boy’s soccer, and boy’s and girl’s basketball; it was not until 1998 that girl’s soccer and boy’s volleyball were added to this event. Chess and Knowledge Bowl were included in 2017. Hosting venues rotate every year between the participant schools.

Again I don’t have pictures because FG was canceled but I’m sure the yearbook department has pictures from previous years.

3D printing :

In math program for 7th grade (last two years)

STEM Fair :

Claudia Tomelich/ 6th-8th/ middle school students work on STEM projects by grade levels throughout a period of 6-8 weeks and showcase products on a beautiful Saturday morning event at school

MS Mini Olympics :

Grade levels: 5th-8th grade

Organizing: PE department

Description: The MS Mini Olympics is a track field sport event for our 5th-8th grade students. It is hosted during the Spring semester and has field events like 50m dash, 600m, 4x200m relay, discus, ball throw, long jump, and a pentathlon.

The yearbook department has pictures from this event.

Hands Helping Hands :

Orphanage Program, Lotty Palacios, fundraising and donation campaigns.

Secondary Cooking for fun :

 During pandemic and there were no extracurricular activities we cooked and baked from home.

Jaguar Cup :

Organizing: PE department

Grade levels: 5th-8th grade and High school

The Jaguar Cup is a soccer sport event for MS and HS students. Each grade level plays with each other in their respective groups in a round-robin format. The 4-grade levels with the most points in their groups advance to the semifinals and then to the final game.

This event was also canceled. The yearbook department might have pictures from previous years.

Ms Math :

Evening activites and math bowl

International Outreach Guest-speaker Series

Robert Zieger/Silke Scholer & SCCS Health Awareness Club (6-12).

Fun Run :

All teachers involved,

Grade level: Pk-12th grade

Organizing, Mothers club, PE department

Description: The Fun Run holds its origins as back as 30 years ago when Mr. Cabrera and Mr. Paul Sibley came up with the idea of creating a family mini-marathon. The Fun Run is an event organized by the Physical Education Department and the Mother’s Club. This event is a deeply rooted tradition in the school where all students, teachers, and families participate in different races organized according to the different ages of the participants.

Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures because the Fun Run was canceled but I’m sure the yearbook department has pictures from previous years.

Carnival Visit :

All classroom teachers, Teachers prepare activities/games and conversation starters for students who come to visit the school, one-by-one.

Winter Camp Coordinator :

Claudia Tomelich/ PreK-12th/ month long program during July break where students can choose from a variety of programs to review academic content in engaging ways.

Halloween festival and trick or tratl :

 This is one of the activities that our kids enjoy the most!